Filipinos in Japan

NCS Corporation is a Japanese owned and a Japan based company that started importing leather goods mostly from the Philippines15 years ago like coin case, mobile phone case, digital camera case., cigarette case ,small hand bags and shoulder bags, mobile phone straps , key holders and the like. We consigned these goods in different stores all over Japan especially tourist places like Harajuku and Asakusa .We had at least 200 stores where our goods were consigned.
Five years ago in addition to these products we started to offer products and services to Filipinos living ni Japan.Services like finding them cheap International and Domestic airline tickets ,English-Japanese/Japanese-English Translation services. We offer also services like Tax Refund. Japan Student , Tourist visa, US Visa .Transit/long stay Room accommodation both in Japan and Philippines . We arrange car transportation to and from airport plus out or town trips in the Philippines.
We can assist you too in finding affordable condominiums, house and lot in the Philippines .

Our company, standing from a global perspective, aims to enhance the quality of life of our customers in each local area by providing state-of-the-art and efficient products and extra ordinary services at competitive level. Our company furthermore stands out among its competitors on areas of economic sustainability, and the variety in product line and services, which are all based on superior system and strategic planning.