Network & Communication TaxRefund Assistance Services for Filipinos Living In Japan.

Tax Refund Assistance

Every year, you are sending a large sum of support money to your loved ones or your spouse’s family in your home country. The income taxes and residence taxes you paid for your hard earned money can come back to you by filing a Tax Refund. The Tax Office Bureau’s homepage explains it but even if someone look at it, tax refund is not an easy matter to understand especially for foreigners. We can assist in helping you do the tax refund. We offer a very affordable fee as compared to experts (client shoulder translation fee and the like) with the same result. In the future, this tax refund is something that one can do by himself.

Necessary documents for Income Tax Refund
Income Tax Return Certificate Year 2009-2014 (Heisei 22 ? Heisei 26)
Residence Tax Declaration Certificate Year 2010-2015 (Heisei 23 ? Heisei 27)
Family Register - Koseki Tohon
Residence Certificate ? Juminhyo
Checklist of required documents
List of dependents
Spouse, spouse’s parents and relatives’ Birth Certificates
Other documents from the Philippines (ex. Barangay Clearance, Student Certificate, Graduation Certificate/Diploma)
Remittance Certificate to relatives in the Philippines (Please call for details)
In case of no proof of bank remittances, we will assist in filing a personal declaration